OPENING: 22. June 2019, 8 pm


Art: Jovana Popić

Music: Daniel Freitag

Music Curator: Yael Nachshon
Art Curator: Dorit Rubin-Elkanati

Jovana Popić

Jovana Popić was born in Zadar, Croatia. She began her formal art studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade under the Serbian State Scholarship for Science and Art Talents. In 2006 she received the Friedrich Naumann Foundation Scholarship and later the President’s Prize toward her master’s degree under Rebecca Horn at the Universität der Künste-Berlin. Other awards include the Sennheiser’s Future Audio Artist Award, Codice MIA 2016 Award, Award of Ulrich and Burga Knispel Foundation, grants of the Trust for Mutual Understanding, Karl Hofer Gesellschaft, the United Kingdom of Norway, and other various artist grants and residencies. Popić has exhibited work in Europe, United States and Asia. She presently lives in Berlin.
My artifacts originate from the traces I find—traces of place, of memory, of ideas and of time, traces of a culturally shaped life story that together comprise something of universal recognition, meaning and value. My works are grounded on a modus operandi that occupies different positions in different moments. My installations are heterotopias; they are based on navigation across a universe of signs and meanings, and inhabit spaces in between, rather than occupying any single place.

Daniel Freitag

Daniel Freitag is a songwriterand multi-instrumentalist from Berlin who made an impressive debut with his solo album „Still“. An exploration of emotional and sonic depths that effortlessly integrated diverse genres and influences into a cinematic journey. Brass lines over old rhythm machine grooves, Beach Boys choirs meeting Morricone guitars and over eerie synth sounds a fragile and haunting voice.

At Framed Daniel Freitag will premiere several songs from his upcoming album. Alternating between electric guitar and piano, accompanied by Nils Ostendorf on trumpet/synth and an old rhythm machine, an intimate, yet adventurous live set is to be expected.


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Doors open: 20h00
Concert starts: 21h00

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