Acoustic space installation

„What do you want to forget?“ focuses at the theme of memory. It employs art as a technique of memory in its exploration of the ‚intermediate spaces‘ between remembrance and forgetting, at the individual and collective level and through time dimensions of past and future. As an acoustic installation it associatively integrates the observer into a dialogue and triggers his or her reflections about specific contents of the memory, as part of a more complex aesthetic experience.

The installation consists of five enlarged interpretations of the human vertebra, which indicate a giant human body, as the symbol of the most direct carrier of identity. The singular, individual and subjective body meets the collective ‚body‘ of the community on the intersection of the visual and acoustical dimension of the work. Invisible loudspeakers, transmitting the audio archive of subjective, personal testimonies based on memory, are stored in the centers of the chords. The bone marrow broadcasts noises, indiscernible acoustic events, as if they were coded messages from some unknown realm. In between a human voice is heard, speaking of recollections, forgetting and oblivion, and of experiences of being human.

Relying on the works of Assman and Foucault, this project reflects on the process of forgetting as a part of a strong social and political strategy in the formation of individual and collective memory. The title of the work, „What do you want to forget?“ aims to trigger the contents of the memory which are rather to be forgotten not only within an individual, but also within a social and political framework. Leaving an individual or a society unaware of those contents by leaving this question unanswered and undocumented, might fuel the destructive prospects of the future.