Based on antiquated ideas of perception and its related mechanisms, this installation focuses on the unconscious, subjective and intuitive elements of our comprehension. Its intention is to revive an ancient understanding about inner perception of the outer world, which has been replaced today with more functionalist explanations of vision.

Elements of installaion: A ceiling-mounted projection fixed on a wall (in a video-loop) depicts a landscape caught by fire. The location filmed is a former war zone in Dalmatia, today part of the Republic of Croatia. A shrouded, anthropoid structure, positioned in the center of the exhibition space, houses a second projector.
From this apparatus, a projection of Medea’s almost veiled eyes rotates 360 degrees horizontally across the room, periodically overlapping the first landscape image.

Materials: Polystyrene, resin, gypsum, paint, steel, led, cloth, pigment, glass, metal, plastic, celluloid, rubber, adhesive tape, wood, glue, colour video loop projection

Dimensions: Object: 80 x 130 x 80 cm,
projection: 160 x 230 cm