Performative Installation with Voice
Music by Morton Feldman

Watch video: https://youtu.be/lqTpN7W-G9Y

What does identity mean today and
how is it established and manipulated through the tools of contemporary culture?

Who’d Have Thought That Snow Falls is a project in the form of a performative installation, originally conceived for the 3rd International New Music Choregie Festival. The project is focused on the theme of individual identity which in the times of globalization and relativisation of national borders, is sometimes neglected, but could be seen as an even more important that the national identity. The work is inspired by the fact that both forms of identity are in fact constructs – dynamic forms that succumb or resist the influence of their surroundings. Who’d Have Thought That Snow Falls approaches these issues of identity with regard to two prominent reference points of contemporary culture: Madonna and Morton Feldman.

Madonna and Feldman represent two forms of Identity, from which one is changeable and adaptable, while the other one is stable. Drawing upon the idea that many identities may exist simultaneously within a single personality, the project focuses on the idea of multiple, interacting identities; embedded within particular individuals, and investigates how they relate to one another. In today’s dynamic and increasingly demanding world, we are constantly pressured to define ourselves anew, to clarify and confirm our essential being, that is to say, to define who we are and what we seek. In response to this pressure, some of us choose to construct personality that can then be beneficial for self-promotion, social and economic gain. Some other adopt and tailor their identity on the basis of socially understandable and accepted symbols, that foster power or control over others. In this work, I associate such individuals with the world of similes, those who are ‘like’ something–be it a virgin or otherwise–but aren’t really that thing at all. Perhaps nothing short of a gross contrast to Madonna, Morton Feldman proved himself as a genuine artist pushing the limits of our perception rather than feeding our desires. Without regard for his peers’ judgment, he spent his life pursuing the aural foundations beneath music so that he might better affirm his maturing identity, professionally and personally.

In sum, the project Who’d Have Thought That Snow Fallsinvestigates the concept of identity, as it functions within both Madonna’s and Feldman’s realm. Superficially, the work suggests a peculiar, comedic air, and makes allusions to a burlesque performance. Below this, one discovers multiple identities of both camps mentioned above and likewise explores the relations that develop between them.


Idea, concept and performative installation: Jovana Popić
Music by Morton Feldman: Three Voices, Only; Ensemble ¡Kebataola!: Ula Šegula, Zvezdana Novaković, Mojca Potrč. Artistic Director: Karmina Šilec
Visual Animation: Jovana Popić, Nurgül Oruc; Costume Designer: Tijana Pavlov
Singers: Carmina Slovenica
Group Prime: Sergeja Pavalec, Nina Hanžič, Staša Gostenčnik
Mentor: Tadeja Vulc; Technical Support: Dipl. Ing. Zoran Terzić; Production: Carmina Slovenica & Choregie New Music Theatre; Co-production: Maribor- European Cultural Capital 2012