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Space Negatives  - Blackboards, 2014


Take a Place, 2014

The Installation, Take a Place, asks its viewers so many questions: can we associate ourselves with certain places? Does this association constitute a vital source of both individual and cultural identity and security? Can a certain place be a point of departure from which we orient ourselves to the world? Or, did we become universal contemporary nomads who spend their lives in a migration between places, whereby the experience of the journey, or of movement, is more important than the experience of the place itself?

If places are not relational or historical or otherwise not concerned with identity such as airports, crossroads, and supermarkets, they are called “non-places”. They are the real factors of our existence. In my work titled Take a Place, I invite us to reconsider how we individually navigate the world in which we live. I argue that places are still important and profound centers of human experience, and that the conscious experience of movement is also deeply connected to them.

The large-scale spatial installation, consisting of plaster reliefs, contemporary orientation marks and sound, pits notions of place with non-place. It illustrates the tension between thoughts concerned with the universal versus the territorial, an issue of global interest today, more than ever before.
  01. Long Distance #9

Long Distance #9, 2012


Stonegame 01Stonegame, 2013

Solo show, gallery Greta, Zagreb
Opening: Monday, June 16, 2014
Time: 8:00 pm

Since 2003, Jovana Popic has produced an array of works in various media that relate to a former civil war area (1991-1995) in the Croatian hinterland of Dalmatia. For Popic, the particularity gives the place a certain symbolic and offers itself as a unique, archetypal, specific territory that provides a foundation for her investigation in universal phenomena such as identity in connection to a place, the production of knowledge, decomposition of language, the void of human presence and the decay of space.

As a result of the devastation and migration of the former inhabitants, this scarcely populated region has since that time lost its former purpose, which was mostly related to agriculture, industry, housing and now serves as a nature reserve, a sort of no-man’s-land without a broader function. Yet the environment that remains is the only witness of the cultures that had once co-existed here. The works of Jovana Popic developed out of the need to make relations and history in this place visible again. With the aim of starting a dialogue about this historically and politically complex area, she hopes to learn and better understand it in order to rebuild elements of this destroyed place. Jovana Popic's artistic investigation and profound relationship to this place has shifted it towards the invisible, to an intellectually and emotionally volatile territory. Popic argues that it is important for an artist to be the observer and the active participant in such places as they deepen the insights into human nature and human relations.
Jovana Popic’s video installation “A Territory” induces a question: Is art capable of repairing one's connection with a place demolished by the society?







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OPENING: 31. October 2014,  7 – 9 pm TIME: 01. November – 01.December  2014 LOCATION: essentis biohotel, Weiskopffstr. 16-17, 12459 Berlin http://konferenz-der-visionaere.de/

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OPENING: 09. October 2014, 11 am TIME: October 09- 12,  2014 LOCATION: Millenaris, Budapest Artmarket Budapest    

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OPENING: 01.May 2014 TIME: 01.May 2014 – 04.May 2014 LOCATION: WHITECONCEPTS, August­strasse 35,10119 Berlin